History - Wohlhaupter Germany

The company's history is a story with a future, characterized by innovations. In 1929, Emil Wohlhaupter founded the company as a small mechanical workshop in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, which initially started as a repair shop for cutting and stamping tools and devices. Today, Wohlhaupter is known all over the world as a manufacturer of modular tool systems for machining centers and millturns, facing and boring heads, grooving heads, work holders and customized solutions for boring operations. Already in 2002 the foundations were laid for the establishment of Wohlhaupter Corporation.

  • Allied Acquires Wohlhaupter

    On September 9th, 2016 Allied Machine & Engineering Corporation acquired a majority of the shares of Wohlhaupter GmbH of Frickenhausen, Germany, Wohlhaupter USA, and Wohlhaupter India. 

  • Tool configurator Tool-Architect

    The Tool-Architect allows a virtual configuration of the MultiBore tools, as well as a representation of a 3D model.

  • Precision boring tool PrimeBore

    PrimeBore is a cost-effective addition to the Wohlhaupter family of boring tools for the boring range Ø 6 – 128 mm.

  • Foundation of the Wohlhaupter India Pvt. Ltd. sales and service company in Delhi

    The potential of the Indian market could be recognized early on by the strong growth of sales in 2006 and 2007. Since then, India can rightfully claim to be the number 1 export country for Wohlhaupter. This is reason enough to respond to customers' demands and increase the level of service. In September 2010, the decision was made to establish our own organization in India. Since May 2011, Wohlhaupter India Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi, has been actively working the Indian market with great success. Our own thoroughly trained employees look after constantly growing numbers of customers right there in the various regions of this immense country.

  • High-performance solid carbide drills and universal HSS tap drills and forming taps

    Wohlhaupter extends its field of expertise to include solid drilling and thread machining. This way, customers are provided with future-proof complete solutions from a single source - in first-class Wohlhaupter precision and with the latest geometries and coatings for maximum machining performance and tool life.

  • Universal High-speed Precision Tools with integrated digital display

    Improved precision, quality and efficiency in the finish machining of the smallest bores from Ø 0.4 mm: The smallest precision boring tool with integrated digital display on the global market.

  • New 564 Balance Digital Precision Boring Tool series

    Wohlhaupter expands its range of precision boring tools by introducing the world's smallest self-balancing Balance digital precision boring tool. Starting with a machining Ø of 50 mm, the Balance digital series includes six sizes up to Ø 205 mm, in which opto-electronic traverse measurement and the LCD panel are integrated. µ-accurate dimensional corrections can therefore be carried out easily and reliably, and thanks to the digital display, the user gets straight to the precise boring diameter. Now offering an auto-balance facility and tools in lightweight Alu-Line design from Ø 65 mm, Wohlhaupter is consistently advancing digital precision adjustment in the Balance series.

  • Digital finish machining up to 3,255 mm

    Wohlhaupter is the world's first and only manufacturer to offer finish machining tools with continuous digital traverse measurement from Ø 3 to 3,255 mm. Since 2003, our customers have appreciated the rapid, precise and convenient digital adjustment of our DigiBore precision boring tool. Now, the new precision boring tool from the 537 digital series also offers the advantages of µ-accurate digital tool adjustment from Ø 100 to 3,255 mm.

  • Alu-Line is further developed from 500 mm to 3,255 mm in diameter 

    For 10 years now, Wohlhaupter has repeatedly introduced new features to its Alu-Line series for the internal machining of large bores. Using its huge store of product and system knowledge, Wohlhaupter redesigns the standard range to cover a range from Ø 500 - 3,255 mm, and integrates it seamlessly in the existing Alu-Line range from Ø 200 - 500 mm.

  • New sintered Form 20 replaceable inserts for precision boring

    The Wohlhaupter range of replaceable inserts: extensive and always up to date. Wohlhaupter is an independent supplier of cutting materials, and has in stock an extensive and technologically impressive range of replaceable inserts for its internationally renowned modular tool systems. This way, we can react swiftly to new machining trends and ensure our range is constantly up to date.

  • Vario-Line: The new boring tool for rough machining

    The Vario-Line from Wohlhaupter for the rough machining of bores is a true master of transformation. Wonderfully easy, wonderfully versatile. A single platform offers users a huge variety of possible options, satisfying their individual requirements and opening the door to a new dimension in tool combination.

  • Wohlhaupter takes over combination-cut boring from the Koyemann company

    Koyemann combination-cut boring is a double-edged cutting process for the rough and finish machining of bores in just a single operation. This year, Wohlhaupter purchases the rights to the Koyemann brand.

  • Expansion of Combi-Line tools

    Combi-Line is a tool for both small and large-scale production. Now two operations in a single work process are possible from Ø 102 - 201 mm.

  • Balance series is further developed

    Back in 1993, Wohlhaupter launched the Balance series onto the market as the first tool for finish machining with auto-balance. The logical further development of these tools guarantees maximum bore quality at high cutting speeds with state-of-the-art technology, even from Ø 20 mm. The tools, with a boring diameter of 65 mm or more, feature a lightweight aluminum construction. Wohlhaupter is a pioneer in this technology as well, and helps to minimize customers' production costs.

  • Special prize for DigiBore at the 2004 VR Innovation Awards for Medium-sized Companies

    The VR Innovation Award for medium-sized companies focuses primarily on sustainable concepts. The Volksbank and Raiffeisen banks are therefore continually on the search for technical innovations from medium-sized companies that make full use of synergistic effects. With its DigiBore digital tool, Wohlhaupter satisfies these conditions 100% and receives a prize.

  • Anniversary year: Wohlhaupter is 75

    2004 is a very special year for Wohlhaupter GmbH, as the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, still as a family-run business. Three key factors are guarantors for this success: expertise, continuous improvement to production technology, and continuity thanks to commitment through the generations.

  • For the first time, Wohlhaupter has its own exhibition stand at the IMTS in Chicago 

    Like many other major trade fairs, the IMTS International Manufacturing Technology Show is held every other year. An impressive presentation increases awareness of the company on the huge American market as a manufacturer of precision tools and a partner for all manner of complex boring operations.

  • DigiBore wins 3rd place at Innovation Awards in the Esslingen district

    The Innovation Awards stem from an initiative to promote the region's economy, and are intended to motivate small and medium-sized companies, in particular, to continually develop their products and services.

  • "DigiBore", the Precision Boring Tool with integrated opto-electronic traverse measurement and digital display

    Wohlhaupter continues its success story with the highly precise DigiBore Precision Boring Tool. This tool sets new standards for reliability and handling. For fast and reliable adjustment in batch and individual production, DigiBore is the right choice.

  • Foundation of the US subsidiary "Wohlhaupter Corp." in Dayton, Ohio

    After careful consideration of how best to work the American market, in summer 2002 the foundations are laid for the establishment of our own sales subsidiary. Together with Karl Hochuli from Chillicothe, Ohio, the course towards future cooperation is set at an early stage. We quickly find a suitable partner in the shape of a regional dealer, the Mackintosh Tool Company, on whose premises the Wohlhaupter Corp. is to be situated. Now, since December 2002, the Wohlhaupter Corp., based in Centerville/Dayton, Ohio, has been operating in the U.S. and works the U.S. market from within the country. Karl Hochuli heads the sales subsidiary as president of the corporation. An ever growing network of dealers and sharply increasing numbers of customers from all industries endorse our decision, after 9/11, to take the helm in the U.S. ourselves. A group of our own experienced application engineers make up the team and look after customers within the country.

  • Modular Insert Drills with four effective cutting edges

    With this completely new and pioneering insert drill series, Wohlhaupter offers a state-of-the-art modular solution that can only achieve its best performance with the plane-parallel contact of the MVS connection. Insert drills are modular in design and therefore ideal for the internationally proven MultiBore range with its unmatched diversity.

  • "Combi-Line" - Rough and finish machining in a single operation

    Combi-Line is synonymous with the combined rough and finish machining of bores in a single operation. The advantages of this series are shorter process times, simple handling and a compact design. Combi-Line is a tool for both small and large-scale production.

  • Grooving Head EK - the trailblazing innovation for grooving operations in large-scale production

    Pure innovation for internal and external grooving in batch production: the trailblazing grooving head from Wohlhaupter combines linear single-cutting feed with multi-cutting circular milling. Its most important features are: improved surface quality, machining times reduced by up to 80%, and process reliability thanks to electronic tool monitoring.

  • The first "ALU-Line" aluminum Precision Boring Tools and welcome to the 3rd generation 

    With Alu-Line lightweight tools, Wohlhaupter sets standards in weight reduction. Now, large tools can also be easily integrated in the production process - with simple handling and maximum precision. In the same year, the 3rd generation of the family takes charge of the company.

  • The first self-balancing Precision Boring Tool from the "Balance" series 

    Right on time for the EMO Trade Fair in Hanover, Wohlhaupter presents the world's first Balance Precision Boring Tool with auto-balance for finish machining. This is specially developed to minimize the residual imbalance produced by adjustments to the insert holder diameter.

  • Production launch of the Hollow Taper Shank HSK

    Even prior to standardization in 1996, Wohlhaupter and its partners jointly develop the Hollow Taper Shank HSK, which excels through its very high radial rigidity, its torque transmission, its precise tool changing accuracy and its defined radial positioning.

  • Automatic Facing and Boring Head APD for machining centers and special-purpose machines. One tool - numerous machining possibilities

    The Wohlhaupter APD 120-36 Facing and Boring Head is developed for use on machining centers, and is designed for a self-contained work process.

  • Move to the new business premises in Frickenhausen

    The move to new manufacturing and office premises provides space for more than 220 employees, space for modern production systems, space to satisfy customers' demanding requirements in the future, too.

  • "MultiBore", the world's first Modular Tool System 

    With the versatile and extensive MultiBore tool range, complete tools can be put together quickly and precisely. The master shanks that connect the modular MultiBore components to the machine tool are supplied for all kinds of machine tool. The MultiBore boring tools fit directly in the master shanks, or can be made into workpiece-adapted complete tools with the aid of intermediate modules.

  • Move from Feuerbach to Frickenhausen 

    In February 1944, the building and machines suffer considerable damage following an air raid. Through family ties, the company is able to move its headquarters to Frickenhausen.

  • Introduction of the Universal Facing and Boring Head UPA

    After months of strenuous activity, the first model is developed in 1936, and a year later embraced wholeheartedly by the world of industry at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Universal Facing and Boring Heads are used on universal milling and boring machines, boring mills, jig boring machines and milling machines of all kinds, for machining stationary workpieces in individual and batch production. Around the world, the UPA becomes synonymous with the company's name.

  • 1929 - Founding year in Stuttgart-Feuerbach 

    On October 1, 1929, Emil Wohlhaupter founds a small mechanical workshop in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. In a rented room measuring 40 square meters, cutting and stamping tools and devices are reconditioned - purely by hand. Some years later, the company is subcontracted to carry out small-scale batch production. The clients are very satisfied with the work. The client base grows. The number of employees increases to fifteen. The current space is no longer sufficient, so in 1936 a small factory is rented in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.