New multi-talented VarioBore with 3ETech now available

Just recently Wohlhaupter launched the new precision boring tool - VarioBore - into the market. An all-rounder tool, designed for versatile use to help reduce investment costs for a wide range of applications and to guarantee a quick return-on-investment, along with a low cost-per-part. The systematic further development of existing model series means VarioBore can be used for machining diameters of 0.4 mm to 152 mm. What makes it so special: VarioBore is now available with the innovative, external digital display 3ETech, which will also be used in other Wohlhaupter tools.

The VarioBore is already the new tool of choice for drilling machining tasks as from 0.4 mm up to 152 mm. Alongside the larger boring range, through new adjustment and slider technology with 60 % higher holding torque, the tool now enables manual precision balancing using balancing weights – this reduces vibrations while also permitting higher speeds of up to 30,000 rpm and a more-efficient cutting speed, something particularly important for the smallest of bores. 

Previously, small precision boring tools for small diameters could not use digital adjustment measurements because of the limited amount of space involved. Wohlhaupter has now mastered this challenge and is introducing the new, external digital display 3ETech into the market, something that was already incorporated into the VarioBore development process.

The 3ETech digital display is a small, handy display, that can be attached and detached quickly and easily to a precision boring tool for reliable diameter adjustment in a manner compatible with process-reliable machining of high-precision components. The 3ETech digital display is now the "third eye" making it easier for the operator to correct a dimension even under the most unfavorable of conditions. 

The external digital display is ideal for use in the workshop and workroom. Furthermore, the safe disconnection if a spindle starts up unintentionally along with protection of the operator through the interface with patent pending to the 3ETech display is guaranteed. Modularity in its purest form: The design of the tool and the standardized mounting hole for the VarioBore with 16 mm diameter, mean that current accessories and components can be easily used – this in turn reduces any need for subsequent investment. By the way: Naturally, the gradual axial adjustment option for the tool holder has been incorporated into the VarioBore. 

"The digital adjustment measurement for μm-accurate correction of dimensions in +/- is without doubt the benchmark, so it was only a logical consequence to find a solution to make this available to smaller tools too with their smaller sizes", said Frank-Michael Wohlhaupter, General Manager of Wohlhaupter GmbH. The specialist for high-precision drilling machining remains true to its philosophy of modular concepts with the external display and it will offer the 3ETech with a feed-in accuracy of 0.002 mm in diameter, in future for other model series as well as special boring rods.