Rational Production with Customized Solutions for Every Requirement

Time and time again, increasingly complex machining tasks, narrow tolerances and high expectations for surface quality present users with new challenges.

This is particularly true when they also need to reduce costs while simultaneously boosting productivity, and this is where the quest for the optimum tool solution quickly becomes a matter of fate. This is because ultimately it is the tool that decides how much time can be saved, and therefore costs lowered.

To provide users with the certainty that they have the right partner at their side, even for the toughest requirements, Wohlhaupter delivers customer-oriented, continuous and systematic project support.

The Customized Solutions team composed specifically for this purpose boasts experienced design engineers and sales specialists, who deal with all the facets of a project, both technical and commercial.

Typical solutions are highly complex stepped boring bars, slider tools or special generating tools, which are developed and produced in line with individual customer requirements.