The Big Slide

Have you ever wondered what type of machines the large Alu-Line tools (up to 3,255 mm in diameter) from Wohlhaupter are used on? Are they maybe just models or exhibition pieces? Do these tools actually work? – Of course they do!

To answer these and similar questions, and to present them live to interested parties, Wohlhaupter exhibited its slide tools directly on the spindles of boring machine manufacturers a few weeks ago in Hall 13 at the EMO Trade Fair. The amazed attendees were able to see for themselves the impressive boring tools for boring diameters larger than 1 meter at renowned manufacturers’ stands directly on site.

Burkhardt & Weber, Bimatec Soraluce, TOS Varnsdorf, SHW or Union Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Chemnitz, which demonstrated a tool with 2,400 mm boring diameter on a PCR horizontal boring and milling machine at an impressive height – they all attracted the attention of the trade fair visitors.

Numerous applications used by shared customers verify that not only pure finish machining operations can be handled but, depending on the machine’s drive power, combined rough and finish machining, in particular, is an ideal area for these boring tools.

A special highlight of Wohlhaupter tools is that all these Alu-Line slides can be equipped with a digital precision boring tool.

This guarantees µ-accurate diameter adjustment based on direct, opto-electronic traverse measurement combined with an integral digital display. It almost goes without saying that all standard components are available, including tools up to 3,255 mm in diameter. Everything is shipped straight from stock, as befits a system supplier. Let the photos be another source of inspiration for you.