Wohlhaupter expands its product range with two new high-performance insert drills. The VHM insert drills D105 and D110 guarantee maximum machining performance over a wide range of applications.

These new, high-performance, fine-grain carbide drills with integrated cooling are available in popular diameters and two lengths – for relative boring depths to approx. 5xD (D105) and approx. 10xD (D110). Both insert drills feature 4-facet cutting with straight main cutting edges, and are pointed nearly to the center. This results in excellent centering behavior and significantly lower cutting and feed forces. This means that the D110 can also drill directly into solid material without pre-centering. Greater accuracy can be attained with a small center or a pilot hole, however. The tip angle should be at least 140° in this case.

The precision-ground cutting edge preparation of the two insert drills stabilizes the cutting edges and permits maximum feed rates even under unfavorable machining conditions. At reduced speeds and feeds, it is therefore also possible to machine hardened steels up to approx. 58 HRC. The ideal profile of the two chip grooves and the particularly high quality of grinding facilitate the outflow of chips even when the maximum boring depth is fully utilized. Both insert drills are refined with the especially robust cutting material coating WHC122. This boasts high micro-hardness, a low coefficient of friction, and can withstand temperatures far in excess of 1,000 °C. These are the prerequisites for economical and safe drilling. Additional after-treatment of the coating produces an exceedingly smooth surface, which benefits the machining process on all contact surfaces. Undesirable side-effects, such as work hardening in the workpiece, are avoided.

The drilling tools are supplied with parallel shank similar to DIN6535HA as standard, and they can be accommodated in both clamping chucks and shrinkage chucks. The tools are also available with clamping surface on request.

These tools are suitable for the cost-efficient machining of most commonly used materials.

Wohlhaupter tap drills and forming taps: universal, reliable and economical.

Wohlhaupter’s new tap drills are suitable for universal application with almost all materials and are available in sizes from M3 to M20. Thanks to its 40° spiral, the T4 blind-hole tap drill with form C chamfer (2.5 turns) transports the chips rearward out of the bore, i.e. toward the tool shank, in an ideal way. The T2 straight-grooved tap drill with chamfer B (4 turns), which transports the chips out of the bore in feed direction, is available for through-holes. Both tools feature a special tap relief, which substantially reduces friction and therefore also lowers the required torque. The particularly wear-resistant, vanadium-alloy HSS cutting material WSC01 with TiN coating guarantees maximum edge strength and long tool life for steels, stainless steels, cast iron and aluminum alloys. Wohlhaupter’s new range is rounded off with an innovation in non-cutting tap forming: the T8 forming tap (in sizes from M3 to M16) promises particularly economical thread production through its special polygonal shape and the new HSS cutting material WSC02. The tough HSS substrate and the high-performance TiAlN coating enable the cost-efficient machining of all commonly used materials from an elongation at break of 8% and up to a tensile strength of Rm = 1,200 N/mm².

Premium quality for consistent precision

The new tools are of premium quality – they bear the Wohlhaupter seal and are available at an attractive cost/benefit ratio. The latest materials, innovative coatings, surface treatment and special cutting edge geometries ensure optimum machining performance combined with maximum feed and tool life, as well as the narrowest tolerances. This way, Wohlhaupter customers can now also look forward to higher productivity, increased tool life and reduced process costs in the field of drilling and machine tapping.