Successful Marketing of New High-speed Digital Precision Boring Tools

That the precision boring tools from the 510 high-speed digital series presented at the EMO Trade Fair would garner great interest was already clear in Hanover. However, even the most ardent optimists had not imagined how popular these tools would turn out to be around the world.


The Big Slide

Have you ever wondered what type of machines the large Alu-Line tools (up to 3,255 mm in diameter) from Wohlhaupter are used on? Are they maybe just models or exhibition pieces? Do these tools actually work? – Of course they do!


Rational Production with Customized Solutions for Every Requirement

Time and time again, increasingly complex machining tasks, narrow tolerances and high expectations for surface quality present users with new challenges.


Ideal Harmonization

Wohlhaupter is leading its customers into a new era of highly accurate boring operations with its precision boring tools featuring opto-electronic measuring technology. The standardized platform and the multifunctional capabilities of this measuring technology are two decisive aspects guaranteeing flexibility and, in combination with the digital display, production reliability. For a trouble-free transition to this new technology, Wohlhaupter also offers a broad spectrum of applications for special solutions. A key part is played by Wohlhaupter’s strategic collaboration with the British tool manufacturer Rigibore, which focuses on "ActiveEdge" technology.



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