New Products

VarioBore: The New Versatility

Precision Boring Tool Ø .016 to 5.984 inches (Ø 0,4 – 152 mm)

The systematic further development of our product ranges is aimed at optimum design of the tools to even more demanding applications and the extension of the modularity and thus flexibility.

The new precision boring tool VarioBore is the versatile all-rounder and reveals plenty of talents such as:

  • Machining of small diameters as of .016 inches (0,4 mm)
  • Machining at higher spindle speeds up to 30 000 rpm
  • Larger boring diameter of up to 5.984 inches (152 mm)
  • Advanced balancing options for precision machining

The advantages of the modularity can be utilized even better. Due to the possible application of accessories from 3 existing series, VarioBore offers flexible use for a
large range of tasks.

3ETech The new external digital display

External is new: 3ETech is a technology for the micron-accurate adjustment
in connection with an external digital readout module for the easy correction of the diameter.

Features of the 3E Technology:

  • Direct measuring system in the tool
  • Interface for data transfer
  • Universal external digital readout module
  • Multiple use of any 3ETech digital readout module on different tools
    even on specials

The 3ETech technology opens the possibility to equip all fine boring tools even with small body diameters or special tools.

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