New Products

NOVITECH - Efficient machining results thanks to new vibration-dampened intermediate modules

With the NOVITECH series, Wohlhaupter is now introducing intermediate modules for high-precision and economical boring operations up to 10xD. NOVITECH was developed to increase productivity, surface quality and process reliability of boring operations, as well as extending the life expectancy of the tool and spindle of the machining center. 

  • Machining-Ø 50 – 205 mm
  • Patent pending

Our Highlights - Your Benefits

  • Intermediate modules for machining up to 10xD
  • Efficient machining results through the viscoelastically mounted damper module
  • Modular construction with MVS connection
  • Existing Wohlhaupter components can be used
  • Increased productivity, surface quality and process reliability
  • Extended range of the cutting data
  • Increased tool and spindle life

The next generation of drilling

The GEN3SYS® XT Pro replaceable insert high penetration drilling system has been designed to provide high speed production machining beyond the capabilities of the T-A® drilling system. The product offering consists of various grades, geometries and coatings available to suit the most demanding applications.

Conceived from the outset as the ultimate high performance drilling solution, the GEN3SYS® drill range is incredibly versatile. Incorporating both straight and helical fluted tool holder options across the range, as well as through coolant for maximum material removal, GEN3SYS® not only gives outstanding performance from day one, but it can also be reground for extended life and economy.

More Informations:

3ETech The new external digital display

External is new: 3ETech is a technology for the micron-accurate adjustment
in connection with an external digital readout module for the easy correction of the diameter.

Features of the 3E Technology:

  • Direct measuring system in the tool
  • Interface for data transfer
  • Universal external digital readout module
  • Multiple use of any 3ETech digital readout module on different tools
    even on specials

The 3ETech technology opens the possibility to equip all fine boring tools even with small body diameters or special tools.

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